Winter Sewing Plans – 2015/2016

Back in September I posted a list of my Fall Sewing plans. I had a whopping 7 items on the list! I’ve managed to finish most of them, with varying degrees of success. I LOVE my Minoru jacket and my Akita top and wear them all the time! Ditto for my new Josephine. The Moji pants get a bit less wear. The Hollyburn skirt is another great wardrobe staple – I don’t wear skirts all the time, but I do wear them a lot more than dresses. And then there’s that Sorbetto. ahem.

I enjoyed having a plan for my sewing projects, so I decided I’d do another one for winter!

Winter Sewing fabrics

Here’s my list for winter:

          For Me:

  1. Sewaholic Renfrew top. I’d like to have a nice basic tee in my pattern collection and this one seems to be quite popular. There are some great tutorials out there for variations on this pattern (like this boat neck one). I think the cowl neck version would be perfect for winter, so that’s what I’m planning. Got a nice basic solid baby rib from Girl Charlee for this.
    Renfrew - green babyrib
  2. Mila Shirt (Itch to Stitch) in black rayon lawn. This is the fabric I said I was going to make another Josephine blouse with as part of my Fall Sewing, but I never got around to it. Now I think I should branch out in my shirt patterns, so I’m going to give this (relatively new) pattern a try. I really like the look of this top & think it could be a wardrobe staple in black. It is featured as part of the Indiesew winter collection.
  3. Oslo Cardigan. Really, what’s better than cozying up with a snuggly cardigan on a cool winter evening? Been perusing a bunch of cardigan patterns online (like the Meridian and the Eleanor), but I think I will stick with the much-loved (and already-paid-for) Seamwork Oslo. I’m thinking about using this fabric:
    Oslo cardigan fabric?
  4. A new purse/bag. Way back when I first started sewing, I made myself a reversible bag using the free pattern and tutorial from Novita of Very Purple Person. I was so proud and excited to carry my handmade bag around. Time has passed, and the welted, zippered pockets I added have not withstood the test of time:) I’m still carrying it around, but I’m not quite as thrilled about it anymore. With a bit more experience now, I know I could do better! Anyone want to plug their favorite bag or purse pattern? There are a ton of them out there and I’m having the hardest time deciding! (Noodlehead Runaround? Another VPP reversible bag?)
  5. Plaid Skirt. I had an idea that I wanted to make a simple skirt using cotton flannel (like this one), but then I found this lovely grey plaid Italian wool at Fabric Outlet during their 40% off sale.
    Italian wool for a skirt
    I couldn’t resist. I’m not sure yet what pattern to use, but am thinking about using the Colette Ginger. The downside of the Ginger is that it’s unlined (and I think I will want to line this wool) and it doesn’t have pockets. However, I can probably figure out how to add both of those.For the Boy:
  6. Brown corduroy pants for The Boy. He has finally outgrown the red and blue corduroy ones I made him last year, and winter is the perfect time for more corduroy, right?? I have some lovely, soft brown corduroy that I’ve had in my stash for a while…just waiting to become a pair of comfy pants. I think I might take another shot at making jean-style (slant?) pockets for these.
    corduroy for the boy

Six sewing projects seems totally do-able! And it gives me a bit of time to work in other projects that I fancy along the way:)

winter wonderland

What’s on your list this season?

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