Ginger Jeans

I’ve got a wardrobe staple to share with you today – my very first pair of Ginger Jeans!

Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

I finished these Ginger Jeans way backĀ  at the beginning of May – just in time to get me through Me Made May! Although I’ve made ‘jeans’ before using the Lander pants pattern (here), this was my first time using a true jeans pattern. The immensely popular Ginger Jeans pattern is designed to be a classic pair of skinny jeans by the (amazing!) Heather of Closet Case Patterns. This pattern was one of the first indie jeans sewing patterns and I think that Closet Case is responsible for the jeans-making craze that hit the sewing community.

Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

This pattern totally lives up to the hype. I was a bit nervous about fitting and sewing this pattern, so I bought the online class from Closet Case. Heather makes it super easy to make a great-fitting pair of jeans with everything from advice on how to cut out the jeans to avoid leg twist, common fitting issues and how to solve them, to how to actually construct the jeans and install the hardware. I watched the first few lessons before starting a thing and that gave me the confidence boost I needed to get going.

I made the mid-rise version, which comes with the online class and is my preferred rise for jeans, with the ‘stovepipe’ leg (what I would call a straight leg). My measurements (waist 37″, hips 43″) put me at a size 18 for the waist and between the 14 and 16 at the hips. However, in my experience with fitting skirts and pants, anytime I make a size based on my actual waist measurement, the waistband ends up too large. I don’t understand why this is, but I’ve had it happen enough times that I now feel pretty confident ignoring the waist measurements and making a size based on my hip instead. I cut out a size 16 and basted them together – and they still ended up too big pretty much everywhere. I decided that what I really needed to do was to go down a size, and I was able to lay the pattern pieces back on top of the fabric and trim all the pieces down to a size 14. The baste fit with the smaller size fit great – suddenly they looked like a nice pair of jeans!

Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

I love how the fit on these came out – a nice slim fitting pair of jeans, but not super skin-tight. I find that I just don’t like wearing my super skinny fitting jeans very much. It’s so satisfying to be able to make a pair with my own two hands – and my own two machines:) – that fit just how I like.

Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans

I used a very soft and stretchy denim – and it is possible that some of the slouchiness in the original size 16 baste-fit resulted from the stretch of the denim. I have a really hard time choosing denim – especially stretch denim. It can feel so stiff on the bolt that I think there’s no way I’d want to wear it, but as soon as you wash it, it’s like a whole other beast. This mystery denim has a bit of a nubby texture, and feels like it’s just cotton and lycra (no poly). I plan on investing a bit more time (and money) on a nice high quality denim for my next pair. The waistband is a bit too soft on this pair for my taste – I interfaced only one side of the waistband with stretch interfacing, and it just doesn’t hold up very well to a day of wearing. I prefer a nice firm waistband and need to wear a belt with this pair of jeans to keep them from sagging. So next time – more interfacing!

I am totally calling this make a win. My Ginger Jeans have made their way into regular wardrobe rotation and made frequent appearances during Me-Made-May. My two favorite pairs of ready-to-wear jeans are nearing the end of their lives (both have been patched up more than once!), so I see more jeans making in my near future.


Pattern: Ginger Jeans (mid-rise, stovepipe leg) by Closet Case Patterns
Size: 14
Fabric: stretch denim from Fabric Outlet

Cheery Roscoe Blouse

Hey Readers! Spring feels like it’s finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by sewing a bright yellow Roscoe blouse?

Roscoe_skinny jeans_3

This fabric-pattern combo feels like a match made in heaven! The fabric is a lovely rayon challis that I picked up from Stonemountain. I’m not always a big fan of florals, but I do have a soft spot for more abstract, large-scale print type of florals and this one certainly fits the bill! This blouse puts a nice pop of cheerful color into my me-made wardrobe that has otherwise been tending toward navy blue, grey, and black lately. And it goes with my Lander jeans too…

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Lander Jeans

Hello Friends! It has been some time since I’ve posted anything on here. So I thought I’d do a quick catch-up before I launch into today’s make (here’s a sneak preview of my Lander jeans – scroll down to see more!).

Lander pants pattern sewn in denim by foxthreads.

2018 in review

Despite the fact that I haven’t shared much in the past few months, I’ve been sewing a lot. I counted 34 projects sewn in 2018 (that I could remember at least!). Here’s how it breaks down:

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Union St. Tee Madness

Rebel Sewist

I hinted at gave away that I had made the Hey June Union St. Tee pattern in my last post (where I MADE PANTS!), but since this t-shirt pattern was on my #2018MakeNine list and I made four different versions I figured that it deserved its own post. For those of you who don’t know, the Union St. Tee is a basic t-shirt pattern from Hey June that comes with a range of sleeve lengths and necklines. It’s a looser fitting style and Adriana specifically recommends against using cotton-spandex unless sizing down to make a more fitted tee. So what did I do? Made one out of cotton-spandex. What can I say, I’m a rebel.

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Lander Pants

I Made Pants!

I did not participate in Me-Made-May this year, or in previous years for that matter, in part because the idea of taking pictures of myself every day feels completely soul-sucking. I know, I’ve read this post about how posting selfies is not the point of Me-Made-May, but somehow it didn’t really sink in until I listened to an interview with Zoe Edwards (the creator of Me-Made-May) on the Love to Sew podcast (here!). Unfortunately, I’m not up to date on my podcast listening and I listened to that interview on May 31st (ha ha!), but it inspired me nonetheless. In the show Zoe talks about hanging all of her me-made clothes up together on a single bar in her closet as a way to take stock of her handmade wardrobe. I can tell you one thing that is acutely missing from that single bar in my closet: pants. I’m talking about real pants, or trousers if you prefer, that don’t involve an elastic waist. And what do I wear 95% of the time? That’s right, pants. So that’s a pretty long-winded way of getting around to saying that I am now supremely proud to be the creator of a real pair of non-elastic waisted pants – and it wasn’t all that hard. You can read on and look at some pictures of said pants below, but really, I’ve said most of what needs to be said already – I MADE PANTS!!!

Lander pants front-4

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Boat neck Anegadas in Purple

I’ve just made myself two new shirts that I’m in love with….they are both made from the boat neck Anegada sewing pattern from Halfmoon Atelier. And they are so cool.

boatneck Anegada_front-4

boatneck Anegada longsleeve_side-2

One evening I fell deep down into an Instagram rabbit-hole, and stumbled upon this pattern. I think it was this image that originally caught my eye – a beautifully simple version in black by @ahappystitch, but seriously, I think every version that I’ve seen is beautiful! I haven’t seen this pattern floating around the blogosphere much, so I am here to give it some blog-o-love! Continue reading “Boat neck Anegadas in Purple”

The Great Woven Tee Sewing Pattern Search

Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect basic pattern?

I do. A lot. I sometimes get an image or idea in my head and just /need/ to find the perfect pattern to bring that dream to fruition. I’m a fan of woven tees: Simple shape, but just ever so elevated from a knit tee to make me feel a bit more put together. Great for spring and summer and fall. But I think this particular obsession with finding the ‘perfect’ woven tee pattern all started with some fabric. Ahhh…beautiful fabric. The kind of thing you run across when you’re not looking to buy anything like it, but it’s just so pretty that you can’t leave the store without it. (C’mon, you KNOW what I’m talking about, right?). So I found this fabric and thought – oooh a nice basic woven tee. My first thought was the Seamwork Akita, which I’ve made a couple times already (here and here). Then I realized that the print on this particular fabric was directional, which wouldn’t work with the Akita. So, my choices were: (1) hack the Akita to make it into 2 pattern pieces instead of one, (2) try a new pattern, or (3) hack the Akita and try a new pattern…or two…or three.

Right, so I opted for (3).

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Activewear or Loungewear?

Where do you fall on the activewear vs loungewear debate? Which do you prefer to sew? To wear? I made one of each –  Sloan Leggings for exercising and Hudson Pants for lounging!

Sloan v Hudson

The Sloan leggings were on my Make Nine list this year, and the Hudson pants were not officially on the list, but I had them in mind so I listed them as an ‘alternate’:) Continue reading “Activewear or Loungewear?”