Phoenix Blouse

As soon as Hey June released the Phoenix blouse pattern back in May I knew that I wanted to make one. Boho-style top with 3/4 length bell sleeves? Yes, please.

Phoenix blouse_front-4

Phoenix blouse_front-5

Phoenix blouse_front umbrella

This is totally the kind of thing that I used to buy at Lucky Brand (the jeans place) back when I used to buy shirts. I like the floaty easy fit, the dramatic bell sleeves, and the gathers at the front, back, and sleeves.

Phoenix blouse_front closeup-2

Phoenix blouse_front-1

Phoenix blouse_back-1

I was especially taken with the yellow double gauze version shown in the sample pictures (although that maroon print one also calls to me), and went shopping to find a fabric to achieve a similar look. What I found was a bright red fabric that was labeled as a cotton lawn, but is a bit more sheer and has a looser weave than a typical cotton lawn. I remembered how much I loved the color of the bright red Scout tee l made  Рand that totally sealed the deal on this fabric. It turned out just as I imagined, and I love it!

Phoenix blouse_side closeup

Phoenix blouse_front lounge

The only minor complaint I have is that I dutifully interfaced along the center front slit and the corners of the front placket without thinking about how sheer the fabric was. You can see the white interfacing showing through in these spots, but I generally just choose to ignore it:) I’m not sure what would be the right thing to do here – the corners of the placket especially seem to really need the interfacing, but maybe a lighter weight (more sheer?) interfacing would do the trick.

The vibe of this design reminds me a bit of my floating Josephine with release tucks, which is a well-loved staple in my closet – so much so that it is getting a bit worn. I’m so glad to have this new addition to my wardrobe.


Pattern: Phoenix blouse by Hey June, view A in shirt length
Size: 18
Adjustments: none
Fabric: cotton lawn (looser weave and more sheer than ‘normal’) from Fabric Outlet in SF

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