Fall Sewing #2: Akita Blouse

I recently finished the second project on my Fall Sewing list – the Seamwork Akita blouse!

Akita front

I love this top! It is so simple, yet stylish at the same time. It’s a simple rectangular shaped top (though it does have bust darts), but the sleeves are like little wings that add some fun and visual interest to the top!

Akita back

The pattern is all one piece – meaning there are no seams at the shoulders. It’s just folded over the shoulders, with a hole for your head:)

For some reason, I didn’t realize when I was reading about the pattern that this is what they meant by a ‘single pattern piece’. While this does make it a bit simpler to sew, it also comes with a few (slight) challenges. I had to lay it all out on the floor to cut because it was too long for my table.

Because of the one-piece pattern you can’t squeeze your pattern into less yardage, even if you’re making a smaller size and have 60 inch wide fabric – you will need the same yardage no matter what. This means you will probably end up with a long and narrow ‘scrap’ of fabric leftover…my fabric was 58″ wide, and the bit I have left is not quite enough to make another blouse, but too much to feel like I can throw it in my scrap pile (or horrors! the trash!!)…maybe a tank top? or a kids shirt? or line a bag? (Ok, seriously, what does everyone do with all their leftover fabric/scraps? Do you find ways to use it? Or does it just become an ever-growing scrap pile? I am admittedly a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to fabric, and probably need to either find some serious scrap-busting projects or just give up and throw that stuff out!!)

Akita side

I made this top out of a printed cotton lawn that I just fell in love with at the fabric store. The colors seem just right for fall and I think it works really well with the simple shape of this blouse. Although this is certainly a light piece and great for warm weather, it also layers really well under a cardigan.

Akita with cardigan_full

or with my new Minoru jacket

Akita and Minoru

See how my fall sewing projects are already starting to come together to create a cohesive look, yet versatile enough to mix with my existing wardrobe? So proud:)

I really liked the method for bias binding for the neckline described in the pattern – it came out really neat without much fussing. I used store-bought bias tape for this to keep things easy – the pattern calls for 1/4″ wide single fold tape which I couldn’t find, so I just went with 1/2″ tape, and it looks just fine.

Akita bias tape neckline

I wore this to work one day, and three different people (3!) complimented me on it. I suspect this may have more to do with the fact that it was a step up from my usual work attire (t-shirt and jeans) than the lovely blouse, but I’ll take it:) This top is certainly as comfortable as a t-shirt, so it’s a win all around! I see more Akitas in my future:)

Akita side reach


Pattern: Seamwork Magazine Akita blouse
Size: 14 (no adjustments)
Fabric: cotton lawn print from Fabric Outlet; 1/2″ wide single-fold bias tape in navy blue

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