Fall Sewing #3: Moji Pants

Seamwork Moji pants complete!

Moji Pants

I finished these last weekend and just got some pictures of my most recent Fall Sewing project. I made version 2 (the one with the cuffs).These were a pretty quick and easy sew. The pattern includes a drawstring waist and patch pockets, so it’s quite simple to put together. The most fun part was putting in the grommets! 

Moji pants grommets

The only tricky part here was topstitching the waistband near the grommets – you have to plan your needle position carefully so the presser foot doesn’t get stuck at the grommet. I found it best to put my needle at the far left position so that I could get close to that grommet, but using a narrower presser foot would work too. My grommets were 3/8″ instead of 1/2″, so I imagine this would be even more important if you used the larger grommets. I think if I made them again I might add elastic to the waist as well to help keep them up.

I used the copy shop print version that came with the pattern and had it printed so that I didn’t need to spend ages cutting and taping together paper. It cost me about $15 ($0.75 per square foot) to print. Worth it? Probably, but it definitely makes me want to buy paper versions of patterns if available.

Moji pants front

I have to admit that I’m a bit on the fence about these pants. I’m not sure that they are the most flattering style for me. Maybe if they were a tiny bit shorter? But I do like the cuffs.

Moji pants cuffs

These are what I call ‘talking pants’…not pants that talk, but pants I could wear when I need to give a talk for work:) And for some reason I can’t quite figure out what shoes to wear with them. I tried them on with almost every pair of shoes I own and nothing seemed quite right. I think they are kind of cute with the strappy shoes, but more likely I’ll be wearing them with flats like this:

Moji pants with flats
What do you think? What’s the perfect shoe for these?

Hey, check me out in my first handmade outfit!!

outfit - Moji pants Akita blouse Minoru jacket
(ignore the strange facial expression here – I really am happier about this outfit than I look!)

For the record, that’s my Akita blouse and Minoru jacket, both part my Fall Sewing list.


Pattern: Seamwork Magazine Moji Pants
Size: 14 (note: my waist measurement put me at a larger size, but given the huge amount of ease in the waist I used my hip measurement to choose my size)
Fabric: black and white/tan suiting from Fabric Outlet – some synthetic fiber/blend, but not sure what; 3/8″ dritz grommets in antique brass

5 thoughts on “Fall Sewing #3: Moji Pants

    1. Thanks:) Now that I’ve worn my Moji pants a couple more times I’m even more convinced that elastic at the waistband would improve them. I have to cinch the drawstring down pretty tight to keep them from sagging, and that’s not super comfortable…elastic would be an easy fix!


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