Two More Pairs of Comfy Pants

Two More Pairs of Comfy Pants

I had to try out all of the Parsley Pant options…and make my (growing) son a couple more pairs of comfy pants.

So, I made this pair out of french terry (love french terry!) with the tuxedo stripe option:

retro red track pants

I call these ones the ‘retro red track pants’. When I first showed them to my husband, he said, “oh, just like The Royal Tenenbaums“. Huh. Hadn’t thought of that. Luckily, he’s a big fan of The Royal Tenenbaums, so I think it was a compliment:)

I used twill tape for the tuxedo stripe and lined the pockets with white cotton jersey.

twill tape

retro pants pocket

I decided to stitch down and trim the edges of the pockets even though they would be covered by the twill tape because I was worried that the twill tape wouldn’t be enough to hold down and seal the edges of the pockets.

retro pants pocket stitched

Then I made this pair with pintucks and box pleat pockets:

green pintuck_hanging pants

For these I drafted my own pocket pieces because the ones in the pattern just seemed too small. Perhaps it’s because I made a size 4, and the pockets are the same size for 2-3-4? I remember this from the last time I used that pocket – although that time the pants had both kinds of pockets and knee patches, and were a size 3, so the small size of the pockets worked out ok. I also modified the shape of the pocket flap – getting that triangular point even was tricky (it’s clearly not even!). I’ve since learned a trick to make a template for the flap – will have to try this next time.

green pintuck_pocket

Again I lined the pockets with the same white cotton jersey.

green pintuck_pocket detail

I really like the pintucks! I think they ‘dress up’ the pants a bit – even though they are made from sweatshirt fleece, they look a bit sharper than your usual sweats.

green pintuck_tippy toes

And the pintucks make the pant leg just a teensy bit slimmer. But still comfy enough for climbing and jumping and all that good stuff!

green pintuck_jumping

green pintuck_climbing

I’ve got one more pair of Parsley Pants planned – I bought some brown corduroy a while back which will make a nice pair for Fall, so don’t be surprised if you see yet another ‘comfy pants’ post in the not-so-distant future!


Pattern: Made by Rae Parsley Pants with patch pockets + tuxedo stripe (retro red track pants) and modified box pleat pockets + pintucks (green pants)

Fabric: red french terry from Fabric Outlet, twill tape (1 inch wide?), white cotton jersey (from my stash), leaf green sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee.

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