PJs for the girls


So I had this plan. I was going to make some cute matching pajamas for my nieces and their American Girl dolls for Christmas. There was a big sale at an online fabric store on Black Friday, so I bought a couple Birch Organic flannel prints and waited…and waited…and waited… It took weeks to show up. When it finally arrived, alas I found that one of the fabrics they had sent me was wrong – right print, but a quilting cotton instead of the flannel. Oh well, by that time I realized that I had been overly optimistic about my ability to get this done before Christmas anyways, and it was actually a bit of a relief to be given a reprieve:)

So now it’s mid-February, and guess what?? I made the PJs!

I used this burrito cuff tutorial for the cuffs. It’s a really easy technique, and I think it gives the PJs a nice polished look. The seams are hidden inside the cuff.

The only drawback is that you can’t hem the pants to fit, so you really need to know that the length is going to be right on before you sew them up.

And aren’t those doll PJs cute too?

doll PJs

I used this pattern for the kid PJs (they go up to a size 11/12, which was hard to find), and this for the doll PJs (it was an overly complicated pattern for doll pants in my opinion – would have preferred something simpler).

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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