Mayan Chocolate Cookies

A quick detour from sewing, because it’s that time of year when we all must make and eat lots of cookies!

I make these cookies every year around Christmas time to give out as gifts and bring to parties. They are truly delicious. They are probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. I may like them even more than chocolate chip cookies (gasp!). They are a bit spicy, a lot chocolately, with a sugar crunch on the outside and a soft slightly gooey center. And did I mention delicious?

Mayan chocolate cookies

I don’t think a year has gone by without someone asking me for the recipe, so I thought I’d put it up here for all to enjoy! Continue reading “Mayan Chocolate Cookies”

Holiday Napkins

I finished these holiday napkins just in time for Thanksgiving!

5 holiday napkins

colorful holiday napkins

I love bright and cheery cloth napkins, and wanted a new set to brighten up our table this year. I’ve been collecting cotton remnants in solid colors for a while, with dreams of either making a quilt or making napkins. I decided to give the napkins a try first, thinking it would be a quick and easy project that I could squeeze in between the other sewing projects I’m working on now (like my Beignet skirt). I made a set of ten, two in each color.

pile of 10 napkins

I generally like how they turned out – love the bright colors – but the binding is a bit sloppy on some of them. I think I need a bit more practice on binding and boy-is-it slow! This project took quite a bit of time mostly because of the contrast binding. I think I made 2 napkins each evening (around 2 hours), so it took me about 10 hours to make these. Next time, I’m going for simple! Continue reading “Holiday Napkins”