Four Pairs of Comfy Pants

My son will only wear what he calls ‘comfy pants’. That basically means pull-on elastic waistband and soft knit material … so basically sweatpants. Most of the options available in stores are functional, but pretty boring. Mama’s sewing machine to the rescue! Having created a ‘collection’ of comfy pants I thought it was time I posted about them.

I started out using Dana’s free pants pattern and crafted this simple lightweight pair using a dark grey cotton knit. I used an old t-shirt for the green pockets.

Then I decided to make a pair with some navy blue stretch corduroy. Instead of the patch pockets, I went with jean-style pockets, which I lined with a blue and white polka dot fabric. I don’t remember where I found the tutorial for the pockets, but I do remember that it took me a few tries to get them done, and they still came out a bit wonky. Continue reading “Four Pairs of Comfy Pants”